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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Business Travel, Exploring, History and Kids

Business travel is tedious as anyone who does it can tell you. However if you do it right, you can make each trip memorable. I just returned from a business trip to Springfield Illinois that I managed to make memorable not just for me, but my colleagues... and my kids.

But here is how I did it -

1) I planned ahead for a babysitter for my kids during my presentation and business meetings - work with the client to see if they have anyone working there with kids you can hire - talk to the hotel to see if they have a service - look into local mom groups who might have a resource - you can always rely on online matching services for day care

2) I paid for way too much, but gave the babysitter a plan. I didnt want my kids sitting in a room playing video games. I wanted them to see Springfield - it is after all the Land of Lincoln.

 3) I made sure the moms who worked at the client's offices were involved. They really took to making sure everything was ok.

4) I introduced my kids to everyone at the office before they took off.

5) I added in days. Look you have to teach kids how to travel. You have to teach them how to get excited about new places. And you want to make the trip memorable for them. So rather than rushing to get back home, we went and explored Springfield and Chicago.

What lessons did I learn?

- Start early - plan in advance and you'll be fine
- Know that using your miles and paying for your ticket doesnt guarantee the reservation will stay together
- Think through babysitting arrangements
- People who fly these days have no courtesy... don't expect them to give up their seats just because yours got moved. Yeah... I had a guy do this.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Only 3 Left To Go

This week I crossed Idaho and Montana off of my list of states I hadn't been to (Utah and Wyoming were also on this trip, but I had been there before).  I'm now down to 3 - Alaska, Wisconsin and North Dakota.

However one thing has rung true.  Every state has had something absolutely amazing about it.  If you haven't been out there, you need to.

This country has more to offer than you can begin to imagine.  We are all so different in so many ways, and yet so very alike.

Oh, I've also got the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico under my belt, so I am only missing Guam in those territories.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Independence Day

The most American Things Ever.

If you can't laugh at this, you can't laugh.

Happy Birthday America.