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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

My Favorite Political Movies of 2014

Outside of being a political nerd, I am a huge movie nerd too.  So I thought for fun, I'd compile  my favorite political movies of this year.  No pretentious reviewing, no obnoxious flowery language, just a quick - what you should check out

Category 1 - War Movies
Lone Survivor - Released 1/10/2014
- Imagine the moral dilemma...

Monuments Men - Released 2/7/2014
- Art is what defines us, government is what wants to define us
Fury - Released 10/17/2014
- Protecting ideals means incredible sacrifice

Category 2 - Finally They Made That Movie!
Cesar Chavez - Released 3/28/2014
- I wish he were alive today to see what's being done to the farms his farmers helped make the greatest agricultural producing region in the country
Atlas Shrugged III - Released  9/12/2014
- See the first two if you can, and try to understand why there are different actors in each... but still, great story and maybe you'll figure out who John Galt is.

Category 3 - Documentaries to Enjoy
Dancing in Jaffa - 4/1//2014
- Can art transcend entrenched political division?
America - Released 7/2/2014
- The drum-beating narrative of anti-American sentiment deconstructed

Category 4 - Huh, didn't think about it that way...
The LEGO Movie - Released 2/7/2014
- Control and monotony are so irritating...
Need For Speed - Released 3/14/2014
- Just kidding, was checking to see if you were reading - but admit it, you watched it to fill your Breaking Bad fix with Jesse Pinkman
The Purge: Anarchy - Released 7/18/2014
- Absurdity aside, it presents a frightening vision of our increasing isolationism

Category 5 - You Might be a 14 Year Old Girl, But Still
Divergent - Released 3/21/2014
- Government shouldn't define who you are, or who you can associate with, or control all information
The Giver - Released 8/15/2014
- Freedom of thought should break you free of forced moralities - plus the Dude stars in it for you Lebowski fans
The Maze Runner - Released 9/19/2014
- Order and safety do not trump freedom and achievement
The Hunger Games Mockingjay - Released 11/21/2014
- Question for you - are you sure that support you get is in fact benevolent?

Whichever movies you choose to watch - may the odds be ever in your favor!