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Friday, August 28, 2015

Four Months Left


That's it.  That's all you've got left of 2015.  Did you get all you needed done?  What do you have left?

You need to set up 2 plans -

One plan to address what you are going to do for the rest of this year to meet your goals.

One plan to figure out what you can get done in 2016.

Let us know how we can help you.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Making Use of the August Recess

So Congress is out of session for the summer recess.  Your state legislature may be as well.  For that matter... many city councils go dark in August as well.  However your issues still persist.

Over the next couple of weeks you have a real opportunity to capitalize on the off season to get your agenda accomplished.  Here are 5 quick ways to keep your issues top of mind for the key decision makers necessary.

  1. LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - no, very few people are swayed by these.  That isn't the point, the point is who does still read these - Your elected officials.  They know that their name could easily show up, so you should remind them of your issue.  Bonus points if you target the districts that your swing votes are likely to be.
  2. FUNDRAISERS - Just because they aren't working, doesn't mean that they aren't still working for money for their campaign.  Show up at a few, bring people.  There are two things every fundraiser needs - bodies and money.  So bring them, maybe work out a deal with the fundraiser to bring more people.
  3. COMMUNITY EVENTS - Whatever is the most important thing in your area, you bet your elected officials are going to be there.  A street fair, Rotary club meetings, whatever it may be.  If they are there, so should you.
  4. IN DISTRICT MEETINGS - Most of the time these breaks aren't vacations.  They just work from the district.  Set up some time to meet with your elected officials in their local offices.
  5. SET UP A DINNER - Fundraiser? Perhaps.  Meeting? Sure.  A chance to sit down with the elected official and introduce them to community leaders in an informal setting... That's a great way to make their acquaintance on a whole new level.
These breaks are an incredible opportunity.  You don't always have to go to their office to get things done, you can often make a difference just by being present.

Friday, August 7, 2015

The Real Winner(s) from the Debates

Candidates did what candidates do.

Commentators did what commentators do.

But the interesting thing coming out of the debate from last night is - there are actually quite a few well versed candidates on key issues.

Despite the format, despite the presentation, despite the lack of a "true debate format" (because with 10 candidates that isn't all that viable, unless we are going to have 2 questions answered, replied to and rebutted over the course of the hour), we actually saw some well reasoned answers on some very tough candidates in this debate.

The real winners from the debates were - the American people.  Because we saw that this isn't just a crazy show of anyone who wants to run.